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FAAA Obituaries 2024 "Lest We Forget " 
Cdr Anthony (Tony) John Graham Hodgson 1936 – 2023
and his wife
WREN Lilian Wells (Hodgson) 1937 - 2024

A joint funeral service to be held at Torquay Crematorium at 10:30 on 26th January 2024

their ashes to be scattered at sea


Tony crossed the bar on 29th December 2023 and Lilian on 8th January 2024


Having joined as a rating at the age of 15 Tony had several duties, the most notable include Flight Deck Officer on HMS Hermes during the Falklands conflict and on HMS Ark Royal during the filming of the TV series ‘Sailor’. Other duties were


RNAS Lossiemouth - Gunnery and Air Ranges office 1970

BRNC Dartmouth – Staff Officer and Cdr’s Assistant 1971/72

HMS Ark Royal – Air Weapons Supply Officer 19737/4

DGW(N) Bath – Air Weapons Safety 1975/78

DGA(N) – Weapons Assembly Safety and Handling 1979

DGNAW - Air Weapons Procurement 1979/80

HMS Hermes – Flight Deck Officer (FDO) 1981/82

BRNC Dartmouth – First Lieutenant 1983 British Representative, British Indian Ocean Territory 1983/84

CNWSE Foxhill – Service Paper Writing 1984

SACLANT USA – Shipping Working Group 1985/87

HMS Invincible – Commanding Officer 1987/88

CINCNAVHOME – Management Study Team 1988

HMS Fearless – Commanding Officer 1989



May they Rest In Peace

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