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Please see below an urgent message from Jock Alexander (Navy Wings) and Tim Manna (Kennet Aviation), regarding returning a Fairey Gannet to the skies. Please distribute this as far and wide amongst association members as possible.

Anyone with relevant experience (there must be plenty out there - especially amongst the AnyFace members) please contact Tim directly by the email at the bottom of the message.


 An exciting opportunity has arisen for 2-3 volunteers to help prepare a US-based Gannet for its first flight in several years.  


The aircraft is currently located in Woodville, Wisconsin, and the intent is to prepare it for a ‘one flight only’ move during August/September time to Spokane, Washington, where it will be subject to a full maintenance package. 


All going well, the intent in the near future is to re-patriate it to UK, where we hope to bring it under the care of Navy Wings.


 Successful candidates will ideally have direct experience of having worked with the Gannet, either as engineers or pilots.


Help potentially available with travel and subsistence costs.  Interested parties should contact Tim Manna at

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